We offer professional residential & commercial bulk water service.
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We specialize in bulk water deliveries for wells, cisterns, pools, hot tubs, skating rinks & more.
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We provide you with loads for the top up of pools, as well as full loads depending on your specific needs.
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Quality water for wells and cisterns

Alloa Water Supply has been providing the Peel and Halton area with fresh, clean water since 1982. They deliver to remote locations, knowing that many people who live in rural areas depend on their water supply from wells and cisterns.

According to the Government of Canada, approximately 25 per cent of Canadians use groundwater as their sole source of water for drinking, washing, cooking and all their other daily water requirements.

Many people who get their water from a well also have a cistern on their property because the flow from the well cannot always keep up with their water needs. Water storage containers act as a water reservoir tank and are usually buried underground, with a small entry point being the only part that’s visible from above the ground.

Others have a cistern tank because of poor water quality in the well or no access to a natural water source at all. Contamination from chemical leakage or microbiological risks, such as bacteria, are serious concerns regarding the use of well water. In cases like these, the water cistern is the sole source of water to the home, business or farm and water must be delivered from a water company. An alarm is built into the cistern to alert you when the water supply is getting low so that the water reserve is never completely depleted.

When choosing Alloa Water Supply to fill your cistern, you can rest assured that you’re getting crystal-clear, safe, clean water that comes from its drinking water systems. Alloa’s water is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the Department of Health and Environment regulations and is sourced from municipal systems maintained at a constant temperature of approximately 12 C (54 F).

In addition to drinking water, Alloa Water Supply also provides other water delivery services. Contact Alloa Water Supply at 905-838-3296 or 905-838-0938 or send an email for a free quote. They also provide emergency after-hours services.

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