We offer professional residential & commercial bulk water service.
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We specialize in bulk water deliveries for wells, cisterns, pools, hot tubs, skating rinks & more.
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We provide you with loads for the top up of pools, as well as full loads depending on your specific needs.
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Alloa Water Supply

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Alloa Water Supply in Brampton, Ontario knows that clean drinking water is essential, and it delivers on that need.

The water delivery company has been serving the Caledon, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, and Georgetown areas since 1982, and can fill orders for both residential and commercial clients.  

The company has five water delivery trucks, each with a capacity of 3,500-gallons, to get you the bulk water you need for your well or cistern. You can also choose water tank rentals ranging in capacity from 425 to 1,500-gallons, available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Alloa can also come to the rescue with emergency water deliveries for companies, or in cases where a water main has broken and cut off supply.

All of the water supplied by Alloa comes from Peel and Halton water systems. This ensures you’re getting potable water that meets strict municipal drinking water standards. It also only uses stainless steel tanks for transporting the water for hygiene and added strength.

The water supplied isn’t just for drinking; the company can also provide all the aqua required for pool filling (and can help you calculate how much water you’ll need), as well as for your spa. In the winter months, Alloa Water can save you a lot of time and expense by filling your skating rink for hours of enjoyment.

To get a better idea of the scale of projects that Alloa Water is able to handle, check out its online gallery. Whether you need water for residential or commercial purposes, you can count on clean, refreshing water brought right to you at affordable prices based on location and volume.